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About Us

Learn more about the leading blog on programming topics. This page gives a background introduction to Programmer Hat, who are the authors behind the blog, the most popular blog posts, and our future plans.

What is Programmer Hat?

Programmer Hat is a blog about common programming topics. We cover the whole range of programming from Linux to code editors. The goal of the blog is to help any programmer increase his or her knowledge in a particular topic. Programmer Hat is created and written by real software engineers with years of hands-on experience in the industry.

Programmer Hat primarily consists of:


Who is Programmer Hat for?

Are you new to software engineering? Are you a student trying to learn enough software engineering to get a job in Silicon Valley? Are you trying to start a new career in software engineering after trying some other career? Are you a software engineer trying to learn more esoteric knowledge to get even better in the industry?

Or are you looking for the right way to get started in a few topic in software engineering that allows you to specialize further and get paid even more in your current programming job?

Great. You’re at the right blog. Millions of software engineers read our website each year.

And here’s why:

Programmer Hat is written by experts: people with real hands on experience in software engineering. 

The blog is designed to provide actionable tips and information on very commonly searched information, so that the blog is helpful to both newcomers and experts at software engineering.

Some of our most popular and important posts and guides are:

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Programmer Hat Backstory

Hey, founder of Programmer Hat here…

I started Programmer Hat as a way to share my deep knowledge and expertise in software engineering. Having worked many years in software engineering, it’s astonishing how much knowledge I’ve built up that most people don’t know.

I’ve also brought on people who I’ve carefully vetted to have deep, real world knowledge of software tools and systems. Every writer here is a computer whiz.

Like most people, I’ve had a deep desire to generate passive income as a way to free up more time to explore things I’m really interested in. This blog is one way for me to do that, while helping people break into the lucrative software engineering industry.

There’s a shortage of software engineers, which is why software engineers continue to be very highly paid. It took me years of training to get to the point where I could be employable as a software engineer. By reading this blog, you too can start your journey into the software industry!

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